Being part of history 2020


Documenting Children’s Experiences


Do you remember being at school and learning about how children felt and what they did during the war?

That is because information was recorded. We are currently living in extraordinary times and future generations will be looking back at our experiences. Let us work together to create a Johnson Fold 2020 experience which we can share with Bolton Museum.


Inspired by Mass Observation’s famous study of Bolton in the late 1930s, the library and museum service are looking to involve local children and families in documenting the extraordinary times we are living through. A document on the 1930's study is posted below.


We would love to hear your views on the following: 

How has the lockdown altered children’s daily routines?

How have they dealt with those changes?

How much time in the day are children spending outside?

Is play largely confined to the home?

In what other ways have children been influenced by lockdown?


Ideally, we would like to hear from the children themselves, in their own language. This could take the form of a diary of a day during lockdown, a drawing or series of drawings, a short photo-diary or video clip.



Please do send us your comments on the above to our school office email.

We will create a page here on our website to share what you send.