Our School Building

In Autumn 2019, our Y6 class wrote letters to our Chair of Governors asking for improvements to be made to the area outside their classroom. Mr Morgan our Chair of Governors, shared the letters with the other governors. A decision was made to commission a new room to be built making use of the dead space outside Y6.

Members of Y6 worked with the architects and Governors to finalise the plans. In Summer 2020, the work began and 8 weeks late the new room was ready. The room is to be used as a wellbeing room and when conditions allow, a quiet space at lunchtimes. At the moment it is proving to be a useful space for Y6 and music lessons

We are very lucky to have such large school grounds. Our classes try to get out as much as possible to do their learning outside. We have a playground and an AstroTurf. The barriers that you can see are used to keep our bubbles safe at playtimes.