Our Curriculum

 What are we trying to achieve?

Our curriculum is intended to help us work towards our mission and deliver the aims of our school.

Mission Statement

"To be the best that we can be"

Aims of our school

We aim to develop well rounded citizens of the future who know how to stay safe, be healthy and can make a positive contribution to society.

We want children to love learning, to know how to learn and what helps them to learn. We want them to look upon learning as an adventure and a challenge; children will never say “I can't” but “I can't yet!” (Resilience, Reflective)

We want children to be challenged, supported and receive feedback in order to have as high achievement and attainment as possible.(Reflective, Resourcefulness)

We want staff to be part of our professional learning community who have the opportunity to grow, learn, develop and help others to be assertive, be personally effective and proud of their achievements.(Risk taking, Relationships, Respect)

We want children to be confident, happy, kind to others and have a sense of responsibility to themselves, others and their environment.(Relationships, Resourcefulness, Respect)

We want children to have a “suitcase” of happy and stimulating memories and leave Johnson Fold feeling loveable and capable i.e. having high self esteem.(Reflective)

We want children to be introduced to a wealth of experiences that appeal to, or develop multiple intelligences – music, nature, literature/drama, social, physical, artistic, science, maths, citizenship, first aid, cookery/crafts, humanities…(Resilience)

We want visitors to remark on the wonderful atmosphere in the school, the fabulous environment (in and out of school) and the beautifully behaved and well-mannered children.(Relationships)

We want to have an effective and supportive relationship with Parents, Governors, the local and wider community and the LA.(Relationships)

We want Johnson Fold to be forward thinking, self improving and spoken highly of by others.(Reflective, Risk taking & Respect)

How do we achieve this?

We achieve our aims by following our motto and up holding the values which underpin our approach.

"Partners in Progress"
These are the values that underpin our approach to all of the above:
High Expectations, Teamwork, Community and Respect.
"The Johnson Fold Way"

At Johnson Fold our curriculum does not begin and end with the national requirements. We strive "to be the best that we can be" and foster this approach in all that we do. We embellish and enhance our curriculum to meet the needs of all the children going beyond the compliance of the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. The journey begins in EYFS with a clear focus on language development and personal and social skills. Then progressing through school, there is woven through  the areas of learning and subjects, a clear focus on vocabulary and a tailored syllabus of Personal, Social, Health Education that covers the lifelong skills needed to become successful citizens of the future.

Our curriculum extends beyond the classroom not least because of our extensive grounds. We are able to make use of a floodlit Astroturf, playground, large patio area with seating for quiet time, a storytelling area, trim trails, vegetable plot and forest, all within our secure school boundary. Our EYFS children are benefitting from their own secure outside area. We are located on the doorstep of Moss Bank Park and Barrow Bridge Village as well as being but a stones throw from the West Peninne Moors and Smithills Hall. Because of this access to the outdoors, we actively encourage learning outside the classroom.

We work closely with Bolton Schools Music Service which enables us to offer musical instrument lessons in the form of the guitar, violin and recorder and get involved with the annual Bolton Festival of Music.

We play an active role in inter schools sports competitions within our cluster of Bolton schools and the wider area. Last year we entered teams in leagues or tournaments for: Football (boys, girls Y2-Y6), Tag Rugby, Cross Country, Handball, Cricket, Hockey and Sports Hall Athletics.

We have our own children's kitchen which is fitted out with 6 children sized cooking areas. We strongly believe in children learning how to cook and wash up after themselves! An important life skill.

We extend the learning in the classroom with visits to museums and places of interest to compliment the work done in school and further enhance vocabulary.  Recently children have been to Blackpool Tower (including the sky walk!); Blackpool Lifeboat Station; Manor Adventure Activity Centre and Bolton Museum.


We endeavour to make our curriculum unique, matched to the needs of our children so that they leave our school not only with a broad and balanced curriculum but "a suitcase of happy memories."


How do we know that what we are doing is making difference to children?

At Johnson Fold, we use rigorous triangulated monitoring throughout the year to gauge the impact of our curriculum design. Subject leaders monitor individual subjects: reviewing learning, evaluating pupil voice, providing individual feedback to move practice forward, celebrating positives and highlighting areas of development that through coaching are changed. Our whole school team work together to reflect upon our curriculum and share outcomes driving forward next steps. We don’t confuse coverage with progress when assessing. Learning is measured through careful analysis of the gaining and retaining of knowledge and application of skills. We carry out surveys to gather views, engage the services of registered bodies to help us evaluate specific specialist areas and work with other schools to moderate our outcomes.

The strongest evidence we can provide, comes directly from our children. Please feel free to visit and see their journey from the two year old room to Year 6 and the progress they make!