JFCPS holds many policies that are all reviewed annually. Included below are all the policies schools are legally required to publish on their website. A comprehensive list of our Johnson Fold Policy documents is available from the school office.

All policies are ratified by our governors at the four sub committees:

Buildings & Finance

Pupil Welfare

Teaching & Learning



Behaviour Pastoral Care Policy 2023 1.pdf .pdf
Safeguarding Disclosure and Barring Policy 2023.pdf .pdf
Governors Allowance Policy 2023.pdf .pdf
Governor Induction policy 2023.pdf .pdf
Complaints Policy 2023.pdf .pdf
Charging Remisions Policy 2023.pdf .pdf
Health Safety Policy 2023.pdf .pdf
Administering Medicines Policy 2023.pdf .pdf
Homework Remote Learning Policy 2023.pdf .pdf
Inclusion Policy 2023.pdf .pdf

Should you require a policy that isn't listed above please see the contents table below as to what policies are available to request.

If you wish to request a policy or would prefer a paper copy please contact the school office.