Pupil Voice


Here at Johnson Fold we recognise the importance of Pupil Voice and that all children have “Rights and Responsibilities”  which are reflected in our school rules:

1. We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
2. We follow instructions first time.
3. We are polite and show respect for everyone.
4. We move around the building sensibly.
5. We work quietly and engage in lessons without shouting out.
6. We look after all property.


Our Y6 class receive a navy blue jumper at the start of their final year with us. This recognises their position as our older students who can represent the opinions and views of our whole student body.

Y6 perform additional roles and responsibilities around school such as Prefects, Wet Playtime Pals, Eco Warriors, Wellbeing Ambassadors and School Councillors. Their views and opinions are greatly received and valued.

All children from YR to Y6 are arranged into “families” across school for the weekly “Family Gathering Assembly” on Thursday. Each family is represented by two school councillors, elected democratically by the family to represent them on the school council.

The school council meet every half term to discuss ideas or issues and then take their ideas to the Senior Leadership Team. They are involved in lots of aspects of school life from fund raising to helping to choose new staff.