Johnson Fold Community Primary School

Who's who

Leadership & Management Team

Mrs R Dean


Miss B Crossley

Deputy Head Teacher & DSL

Mrs S McCollin

Assistant head Teacher; EYFS Lead; Reading Lead; SENDCO & Deputy DSL

Mrs S Dent

TLR Teaching & Learning; PSHE, Mental Health & Wellbeing Lead; Maths Lead ; KS2 Writing Lead & Deputy DSL

Miss R Chesworth

TLR Leader of Curriculum Subject Leaders; Art Lead; RE Lead; Cultural Capital Lead; KS1 Writing Lead; Y2 Class Teacher & Deputy DSL

Administrative Team

Mrs F Robbins

Miss L Fox

Senior Office Admin (Finance)

Senior Clerical Assistant 

Mr G Calvert


Mrs J Phillips

Learning Mentor & Attendance


Miss K Campbell

Teaching Assistant 2YO Provision

Miss B Taberner

Teaching Assistant 2YO Provision

Miss K Marsh

Teaching Assistant 2YO Provision

Ms N Cavenay

Teaching Assistant 3 & 4YO Provision

Miss N Campbell

Teaching Assistant 3 &4YO Provision

Miss A Lynch

Teaching Assistant YR

Miss L Gregory

Teaching Assistant YR

Ms L Giambattista

Nursery Teacher & MFL Subject Lead

Miss R Hamer

YR Class Teacher & D&T Subject Lead


KS1 Team

Miss S Cartwright

Teaching Assistant Y1

Miss L Williams

Y1 Class Teacher & History Subject Lead

Miss K Shannon

Teaching Assistant Y2

Miss P Rice

Teaching Assistant (Reading & Phonics Support)

Mrs D Glynn PPA Cover


KS2 Team

Miss K McKevitt

Teaching Assistant Y3

Miss N Allcock

Teaching Assistant Y3 

Miss M Marshall

Y3 Class Teacher

Mr D Morley

Teaching Assistant

Miss R Woodward

Y4 Class Teacher & Computing Lead

Miss N Strickland

Teaching Assistant

Mr M Cookson

Y5 Class Teacher & Geography Lead

Mr J Roberts

Teaching Assistant

Mr A Chambers

Y6 Class Teacher; PE & Science Lead

Miss Z Maxwell

Teacher & Music Lead


School Dogs

Coco and Snowy

Sometimes our school dogs come in to help us.

Worston Avenue, Bolton, BL1 5UG

01204 333011