The internet is an amazing resource, allowing us to connect, communicate and be creative. Social media, online games, websites and apps can be accessed through a variety of devices – all of which form a part of children’s online world. However, the internet can expose us to new types of risks. At Johnson Fold, we aim to help children to understand how to conduct themselves online, as well as how to keep themselves and those they care about safe using the forever changing apps that they can encounter. Digital Citizenship is covered every year with children in each year group. We also celebrate Safer Internet Day each year in February. Our school E- Safety Champions from Y6, are there to support our pupils in the online world.

Below are the main categories of issues that children may encounter online.

It is easy to feel anonymous online, but it is important that children are made aware of the digital footprint that can be left online, even after a post has been deleted.

Children are taught to consider the content that they are looking at online. Is the website reliable? Do they know where the information has come from? Some information may not be true or could be biased. We encourage monitoring what your child is looking at online.

It is important for children to realise that new friends made online may not be who they say there. At Johnson Fold, children are aware of what information cannot be shared between new friends. For example, school location, home address, full name should never be shared. If a child is concerned about anything online or has been made to feel uncomfortable we advise them to tell somebody that they trust about the situation. This will usually be a parent or carer in their household. CEOP is a law enforcement agency and is here to keep children and young people safe. If you or your child are worried about who they may be speaking to online, please use this link to report any concerns you may have.

We have also attached some resources below to guide you in how to stay safe online.

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