Teaching & Learning Framework


Moral purpose 

Children get one chance at education. They have no choice about which postcode they are born into or the circumstances that may result as they grow up. It is our moral purpose to provide all children at Johnson Fold with the best.

Children join us on a learning journey, which will equip them for the future through our Curriculum Drivers and our values. We expose children to a range of experiences and activities that will provide them with the knowledge and skills needed so that they will leave us in Year 6 with a love of learning and a ‘suitcase of happy memories.

We actively set about removing barriers and overcoming the challenges that many families in our community face so that all our children can be true to our mission and “be the best that they can be.”

What is unique about JFCPS Curriculum?

In striving to provide all children with the best education, JFCPS offers a rich and vibrant curriculum that goes beyond the classroom. Based on our extensive understanding of the community we serve and our passion for lifelong learning, we enrich every child’s school experience to create a safe environment where they can succeed.

At JFCPS we define our “ambitious curriculum” as one that is challenging, successful, aspirational and inclusive of all. We develop the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that are the essential building blocks for later life.


Teaching and Learning Framework